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Coin-op algos are designed to help you trade your cryptos successfully but just like children and pets all the best algos are always hungry. If you feel you have benefited from their hard work perhaps you would consider helping them in return?

So how well has Coin-op performed recently?

Today's Coin-op Crypto Index is down 1.39% since its Sell Signal on the 11/06/2024 and there are 29 cryptos out of 38 showing 'Sell'.

However if you had sold Avalanche (AVAX) and Coin (CRO) on their recent Coin-op Sell signals you would have saved yourself -29.63% and -28.63% in possible losses. In addition, today there are 22 cryptos that have dropped over 10% from their latest Sell signals and 10 that have fallen more than 20% from theirs.

So if you feel these Coin-op signals have helped you in the last few weeks would you consider making a small percentage reward? If you do wish to contribute please follow the instructions in the sidebar.

Many thanks for helping us!

Hopefully Coin-op can do more for you in the future.

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Coin-op is free to use and its algorithms are working all the time to help you trade successfully.

If you are successful perhaps you would like to give a percentage back to help keep them working for you.

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